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Features of RO reverse osmosis pure water equipment

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RO (ReverseOsmosis) reverse osmosis technology is a membrane separation and filtration technology that uses pressure gauge differences as the power. Beverages, seawater desalination and other fields.


Features and advantages

1) The entire water processor adopts reverse osmosis water treatment technology and is used in conjunction with pre-pretreatment to effectively remove various salts and impurities. Advanced technology, stable water quality, simple operation, convenient maintenance and low operating cost;

2) Imported Dow brand reverse osmosis membrane is adopted, which has high desalination rate and low energy consumption;

3) The electric control system adopts Siemens touch screen PLC control, and the system operation realizes unattended and fully automatic operation. The electric control box adopts a double-layer waterproof electric control box, which is safe and reliable.

4) A full set of automatic liquid level control and automatic pressure protection functions;

5) The system is well-configured and equipped with an online reverse osmosis membrane cleaning device to reduce the intensity of equipment operation and maintenance;

6) All pipes are made of stainless steel 304.

7) New after-sales service system, preventive and predictive solution to the problems that occur in the operation of the equipment, to ensure that customers have no worries about the operation of the equipment.


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