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Brief introduction of RO reverse osmosis pure water treatment equipment

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Brief introduction of RO reverse osmosis pure water treatment equipment :

水处理 (3)

1. The reverse osmosis pure water treatment equipment adopts a fully automatic control method to realize fully automatic operation and reduce the impact of human error on the equipment

2. The design of the reduction system is adopted in the pretreatment system to solve the irreparable impact of excessive residual chlorine on the reverse osmosis membrane

3. The special 304 stainless steel water pump is selected for the pump series, which has low operating noise

4. The characteristics of high degree of automation, simple operation, stable water quality and low operating cost are well received by customers. And is widely used in production water in various industries.

5. Adopt the concept of process management and continuous improvement in the management mode, comply with ISO9001 requirements, continuously meet customer needs, and achieve customer satisfaction.


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