Fruit Juice Filling Line

Fruit Juice Filling Line

Sokos’s juice filling line produces 1000-20000 bottles per hour, suitable for plastic bottles, glass bottles, aluminum bottles, etc. The complete conventional production line includes water treatment system, bottle blowing system, dispensing system, filling machine, light inspection, drying machine, labeling machine, laser coding machine, film wrapping machine, etc. The part of the whole production line directly contacting with the medium is made of stainless steel 304 or 316. Advanced technology is adopted to ensure the quality of the machine and the liquid carried, which is very suitable for the daily needs of beverage factories.

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Solution Process

RCGF series juice filling line is used to produce PET bottled juice within the volume from 200ml-2000ml.different models can satisfy various requirement of output from 1500B/H to 25000B/H.this machine incorporates ringsing,filling and capping into one kind of full-automatic equipment.It is suitable for producing PET and Plastic bottled juice and tea.The method of filling adopts hot filling.

The equipment is fitted with advanced Mitshbishi PLC to control the operation and cooperated by frequency converter of the main makes the operation more stable and reliable.the photoelectric sensor is used to detect operating confitions of each section,which makes the operation of this equipment highly automatic and convenient.


This system adopts stainless sand filter ,active carbon filter ,effectively to remove big impure particles and suspending matters ,improve RO membrane water inputting index ,effectively remove the smell and rest chlorine of the original water ,and improve the taste of water quality .

The main machine adopts American high effective low pressure compound membrane ,with single film salt removing degree up to 99%., medicine ,environment ,and chemicals.


Servo PET and Innopet series automatic bottle blowing machine is developed by our company according to the most advanced bottle making technology in the world. Has a high degree of automation, machine performance is stable and reliable, simple structure, high efficiency, power saving…


The beverage blending system is a pre-treatment complete set of different juice drinks and carbonated drink beverages.All kind of raw materials,auxiliary material and water are extracted or dissolved according to the predetermined process parameters through varies process unit,then mixed adjust the obtain semi-finished products.Mainly includes hot water unit,dissolved sugar filter …


This machine contains 3 parts, Rinser, Filler and Capper and works harmoniously with air-conveyor belt, It holds the bottles by the neck, thus, reducing the possibility of bottles falling over during conveying process. This drinking water filling equipment adopts bottle neck holding transmission technology to realize fully automatic rinsing, filling and capping.


This equipment has higher accuracy and faster speed, which solves the problem of low efficiency of traditional sterilization equipment. It is widely used in the sterilization treatment of various bottled and canned sauce.


Blowing and dry the water outside of the bottle body to facilitate subsequent operations such as labeling and film packaging on the bottle body. Widely used in water and beverage filling lines.


Labeling system covers hot melt labeling machine(linear type and rotary type),shrink sleeve labeling machine(single head and double heads), self-adhesive labeling machine(single side and multifaceted),wet glue labeling machine and etc.It is suitable for food and beverages such as juice ,water, carbonated drink, beer,daily products,condiments and etc,as well …

  1. Cylinder control moving, non-dust marking
  2. With Photoelectricity device, guarantee marking accurate
  3. When lamination film or hot stamping film, each film pattern is accurate
  4. PLC HMI operation

Packaging machine include PE film shrink wrapping machine,carton packing machine,it is used for secondary packaging of varies type of bottles.

The packaging machines have the advantage of high automation,reliable control,simple adjustment,convenient operation and maintenance.Widely used in water,juice,carbonated drink,oil,wine,chemical,medical and other industrial…

Fruit Juice Filling Line

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