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What is RO water produced by RO reverse osmosis pure water equipment

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What is the RO water produced by RO reverse osmosis device : 

RO pure water is generally called pure water, which basically does not retain minerals in the water, and has a PH value of 6-7, which is weakly acidic. It is generally used for medical water such as dialysis, or Special water for laboratories, electronic chemicals, etc., due to serious water pollution, is also used for daily drinking water in order to ensure the safety of drinking water. It is hygienic and safe drinking water. 

RO (Reverses Osmosis) means reverse osmosis water---purified water. The principle is to apply more than osmotic pressure at one end of the raw water to produce reverse osmosis. 

At this time, dissolve and insoluble inorganic salts, heavy metals, organic bacteria particles, etc. Inability to penetrate the semi-permeable membrane, the water molecules and salts of smaller molecules permeate through the semi-permeable membrane and flow to the side of the purified water, while the pollutants are concentrated in the raw water. 

The raw water is gradually concentrated, and the pressure applied must be gradually increased until it is infinite. In actual operation, the concentrated water (waste water) is drained and the raw water is continued to be supplied to maintain a constant pressure. In simple terms, the functional principle of reverse osmosis is Like a sieve, the water is forced through a cellophane-like film through which only very small organic particles (particles) can pass, while contaminated and unclean water is discharged from the waste water outlet.


RO reverse osmosis membrane has a pore size as small as nanometers (0.1nm-0.9nm). Under certain pressure, water molecules can pass through the RO membrane, but the source water's impurities such as inorganic salts, heavy metal ions, organic matter, colloids, bacteria, and viruses cannot Through the RO membrane, pure water that is permeable and concentrated water that is impermeable are strictly distinguished.

At present, all high-temperature beverage filling machines require the use of RO pure water or distilled water when working, because RO pure water has the characteristics of purity, no impurities, no ions, and no scale. If you do not use pure water, because ordinary tap water contains Chloride ions will cause corrosion to the machine, such as clogging of thin pipes. 

After drying, scale and water spots will be formed on the internal surface of the machine and deposited on the surface of the machine, causing the sensor to work abnormally and affecting the normal use of the machine, so pure water is used. Distilled water is very important, and RO pure water is free of nitrite. 

The nitrite content will not increase due to repeated boiling in the equipment. Compared with distilled water, RO pure water is relatively easy to prepare without heating, and only the RO reverse osmosis membrane needs to be replaced on time.


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