What is 5 gallon pure water filling machine

19.8L bottled water production process

After raw water passes through the water treatment system to become pure water, it enters the filling system.

Unlike the small bottled water of 330ml, the 5-gallon bottled water requires an additional capping machine, which is used to pull the cap of the 5-gallon recycling bucket. It is more environmentally friendly and saves production costs.

Automatic cap pulling machine: 


Automatic cap pulling machine is a special equipment for pulling the cap of 5 gallon reusable barrels. The cap is not damaged and can be reused many times. The machine adopts computer control, the production capacity is adjustable, and the cap pulling mechanism is pneumatic. Adjusting and solving the difficulty of barrel height tolerance and barrel mouth tolerance, greatly improving the success rate of pulling the lid.

Automatic external brushing machine: 


This machine is the pre-washing equipment of the barreled production line. It consists of a transmission mechanism, brushes, and water pumps. It has 4 barrel brushing stations. The parts are brushed, and the cleaning quality is stable.

QGF type barrel loader: 


QGF type barrel loader is the main equipment for the production of 5 gallon bottled water. It is composed of frame, water tank, pipeline, water pump, cylinder, transmission, electrical appliances, etc., completes empty barrel flushing, filling, capping and other actions, through multiple flushing procedures, quantitative filling, automatic cap capping, all of the whole machine The action is controlled by the computer to achieve stable flushing effect, accurate filling volume, and sealed capping effect.

Automatic bagging machine:


The heat shrinking machine is composed of a water container and electric heating. The electric heating generates heat source steam. After the full bucket that has passed the lamp inspection is covered with a plastic sleeve, the plastic sleeve will be heat-shrinked through the steam channel even if it passes through the steam channel. 

1-1Bucket device:


1-2Flushing station:


1-3Filling station:


1-4Capping station:


Product Description:

1. Manufacturers of barreled mineral water equipment. Manufacturers of barreled water filling machines are for 5 gallons (or 3 gallons) barreled drinking water production lines. The whole machine integrates the functions of washing, filling and capping. It is an ideal equipment for the production of mineral water, distilled water and pure water.

2. The control panel of the barreled water filling machine adopts OMRON light touch switch, cleaning and disinfecting, filling, time and daily output, which are operated by the panel's highlight LED digital display or touch screen display. All electrical appliances are equipped with Siemens

2-1:The company's products mainly include: purified water/mineral water filling line;Soda water,/CSD Drinks filling line;Fruit juice/thick pulp beverages filling line and other automatic bottle washing, filling, sealing, packaging complete production lines.

Complete barreled drinking water production lines, complete sets Water treatment equipment and other auxiliary equipment.

2-2:The main accessories include canning valve, anti-rotating knife, capping head, capping film, lifting cylinder, bottle hanging plate, wear-resistant roller, guide fork, various bottle mouth sealing gaskets, complete canning equipment, etc. Can be customized according to customer requirements.

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