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1-5Production process of drinking water:Packing Machine

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In the packaging machinery industry, the film wrapping machine is the abbreviation of the wrapping film wrapping machine, sometimes also called the wrapping machine or wrapping machine.

Function: to adapt to the packaging requirements of cargo containerized storage, transportation and mechanical loading and unloading operations.

It is widely used in the container cost of products such as foreign trade exports, food and beverage, filling, papermaking, dyes, plastic chemicals, glass ceramics, machine S electroforms, etc., to improve production efficiency, and prevent damage to goods in the handling process, and play a Dust-proof, moisture-proof and cleaning function.

Machiney introduction

The film wrapping machine has a servo control system with synchronous electronic gears and electronic cams.

It is relatively easy to realize the synchronization relationship between moving objects according to the requirements of the designer.

The film wrapping machine uses a servo motor as a drive shaft to complete the tasks of bottle feeding, cardboard feeding, and film feeding.


Conveyer System.


Protection function.


 Hot air diversion circulation system


①Control System;②Field bus (CAN BUS);③Basic motion control;④Synchronous motion control;⑤Process flow

The process flow of the film charter is as follows

1. First set the heating time for the machine

2. After pressing the manual or automatic button, the rack and pinion cylinder solenoid valve is energized and output to push the gear, and the gear drives the chain. At this time, the back position proximity switch of the rack and pinion cylinder is turned off. When the rack cylinder runs to the top dead center, the front proximity switch of the rack cylinder is turned on, and the solenoid valve of the oven cylinder is energized and output.

3. When the drying oven cylinder runs to the top dead center, the timer starts to delay and the solenoid valve of the rack cylinder is de-energized.

4. When the timing is over, the solenoid valve of the oven cylinder is de-energized.

5. The film charter decides whether to continue the next work process according to the working mode flag.


1. The machine is in the initial position, fix the film on the turntable or the goods, and press the automatic operation button;

2. The turntable starts to accelerate to the highest speed, and the film is automatically output with the turntable. At the same time, the turntable counts. When the bottom set value is reached, the film frame starts to rise.

3. When the film frame rises to the time when the photoelectric switch cannot illuminate the goods, the film frame stops rising after the set time delay. The up and down times are counted once. The turntable continues to run and the turntable counts. The frame descends, and the film frame stops when it descends to the bottom. The number of up and down times is counted once again, and the bottom layer laps are counted.

4. By analogy until the up and down times reach the set value, the packaging process is completed. The turntable descends slowly and stops at the initial detection point. 


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