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Continuous Spray Sterilization Machine / Beer Spray Sterilization Machine Continuous Spray Sterilization Machine / Beer Spray Sterilization Machine

This equipment is suitable for the process requirements of heating, sterilizing, heat preservation and cooling of heat sensitive liquids such as fresh milk, fruit juice drinks, and alcohol. This equipment has the characteristics of high heat recovery, energy saving and consumption reduction, compact structure, simple operation and convenient maintenance. The unit can be connected to separators, homogenizers, flash degassing and other equipment. This unit is usually used to sterilize materials by bus, and can also pre-sterilize raw materials when producing sterilized milk

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The continuous spray sterilization machine is designed on the basis of digesting and absorbing foreign prototypes. 

It adopts a four-stage treatment form of circulating warm water preheating, circulating hot water sterilization, circulating warm water pre-cooling, and then spraying and cooling with cooling water. 

This equipment has the advantages of automatic control of sterilization temperature and stepless adjustment of sterilization time. 

It is widely used in the sterilization and cooling of various bottled and canned acidic juice drinks, electrolyte drinks, wines, condiments and other products.


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