Difference Between Blow Molding And Injection Molding

Depending on the sort of application and type of part you want to make, you can pick from a number of procedures when developing a product that calls for molding plastic components.

The two most common techniques for creating high-quality, affordable plastic parts are injection molding and blow molding used in bottle blowing machine.

However, you want to arm yourself with knowledge of the variations between these two techniques before you dig into your study on various molders, manufacturers and bottle blowing machine. Here is a brief reference to aid you in differentiating:

How does blow molding work?

The fundamental processes of glass blowing are followed in the process of blow molding. The blow molding process is intended for the production of hollow, one-piece, large volume items. This method is ideal if you need to produce a lot of bottles. Using blow molding, thin-walled containers may be produced very consistently. It can also do so very cheaply.


The following are just a few of the many advantages of blow molding:

  • When compared to injection molding, blow molding has reduced expenses.
  • Costs of the machinery are often reduced as well.
  • One-piece construction eliminates the need to join separate parts and allows for the creation of geometries that injection molding cannot.
  • With blow molding, a plastic tube is heated and air is blown into it until the result is effectively a hot plastic balloon known as a “parison.” As air continues to fill the cavity into the shape of your part, a mold is then clamped around this to confine the plastic.
  • The weight of the plastic shot used in the mold determines the size of the machine and related expenditures to make a blow-molded object.
  • Water bottles, shampoo and other small bottles, automobile components, stadium seating and chairs, watering cans, coolers, and other hollow parts are a few examples of the parts and goods that can be produced with blow molding.

What’s Injection molding:

Engineering must be done in great detail up front for injection molding in order to create precise tooling or molds. Molds made of stainless steel or aluminum are injected with liquid polymers under high pressure and heat. After that, the molds are cooled to release finished plastic components.

Plastic injection molding has a number of unique benefits of its own, such as:

  • Multi-cavity mold choices are available with intricate, highly developed tooling.
  • Processing with accuracy and efficiency for huge quantities of small pieces
  • flexibility in the ability to alter the material or color being used
  • Efficient use of resources and minimal scrap rates
  • For huge volume orders and mass production in projects requiring hundreds or even millions of the same part, plastic injection molding is perfect.
  • Injection molds require a very precise fit between the two mold halves to ensure that material flow is entirely under control.
  • The key to producing an ideal, precise product using injection molding is creating the mold. Manufacturing starts once the production mold is complete and the equipment is ready.

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